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Workers’ Compensation Claims: How to streamline the medical billing process

Workers’ compensation coverage pays benefits to workers injured on the job, including medical care, lost wages, and permanent disability.  Work-related injuries or illnesses have the potential to be devastating for both the employee and the employer, especially if it results in an extended absence.  According… Read More

Cyber Security for Medical Devices and Hospital Networks

Many medical devices contain configurable embedded computer systems that can be vulnerable to cyber-security breaches. In addition, as medical devices are increasingly interconnected via the Internet, hospital networks, other medical devices or smartphones, there is… Read More

Employment Practices Liability Trends to Watch in 2021

As an employer, you care about making your workforce feel valued and managing your organization successfully. However, even if you do everything you can to ensure smooth relationships with your staff, employment practices liability (EPL)… Read More

Executive Order 13999–Protecting Worker Health and Safety

Since being sworn into office, President Biden signed 28 Executive Orders, ranging from climate change to workplace safety.  Executive Order-13999 is designed to Protecting Worker Health and Safety and creates a national priority and moral… Read More

Winter Weather Risks for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you take pride in maintaining your investment and protecting it from outside risks. Among these risks, winter weather presents some of the most significant challenges—challenges that may even lead to substantial property… Read More

COVID-19: The Look Ahead for 2021

During the early onset of COVID-19 it would have been hard for most of us to imagine the impact, change, and devastation that has resulted.  There is no easy way to sum up a year… Read More

Our Partnership with ADP Means Great Things for You

Companies are often frustrated by the gap between expectation and reality when it comes to investing in and implementing Human Capital Management technology.  That’s why we’ve chosen to join the ADP® Partner Advantage Program —… Read More

Meet Your Sentinel Risk Performance Group

When Sentinel Risk Advisors started the journey of becoming Carolina’s premier, independently owned risk management firm more than 7 years ago, a big part of that mission was centered on providing unmatched service focused solely… Read More

2020 Market in Review – How did we do?

At the beginning of 2020, we predicted that insurance carriers would push moderate rate increases on most lines, yet buyers could continue to have the upper hand in most rate negotiations with carriers… and at… Read More

What’s in a Name?

If your given name is James and someone mistakenly calls out “Hey Jamie”, you probably wouldn’t respond.  Well, as you will read below, neither would your insurance policy. A key element of any insurance policy… Read More

When it Comes to Claims, Make Sure Time Is on Your Side

One of the most common questions I get from clients is whether or not they should file a claim, and if so, when. While these are important considerations, don’t let uncertainty prevent you from taking… Read More

Clearing Up the Confusion on OSHA Reporting

The questions, calls and emails come like clockwork to my inbox at the start of every new year, from clients concerned they might miss something relative to their federal OSHA reporting requirements. First, it’s important… Read More

Directors and Officer insurance premiums on the rise

D&O To Feel Sting of Social Inflation in 2020

Trends are often hard to see coming until, one day, they bring about enough pain to get everyone’s attention. Commercial auto has been feeling the sting of social inflation, the trend once dubbed the “culture… Read More

McDonald York Named Safety Lightkeeper of the Year

Sentinel Risk Advisors this week announced that McDonald York Building Company, a Raleigh-based construction firm with deep roots and a storied history, is the recipient of the risk management firm’s Lightkeeper Award, an annual recognition… Read More

Sentinel Welcomes Byerly to Medical and Dental Group

Sentinel is pleased to welcome Sandra Byerly to the firm’s medical and dental group. Byerly, one of the Carolinas’ leading risk management experts for physicians and medical practice groups, will be the point of contact… Read More

OSHA Publishes Emergency Temporary Standard

OSHA published the much-anticipated Emergency Temporary Standard on November 5th, 2021. This represents the boldest move the Biden Administration has made to date to persuade reluctant Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Affected employers are… Read More

Premium Audits—Another Certainty in Life

We have all heard the saying, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  For the business owner, there is one more certainty—your annual insurance premium audit. Some insureds… Read More

2022 Budget Planning Guide

A clear advantage of being a dynamic, privately held organization is that we can be flexible in our approach and nimble in our ability to address the needs of our clients. Case in point is… Read More

Manufacturing Day 2021

Each year, the first Friday in October (this year falling on October 1st ) recognizes Manufacturing Day–designed to create awareness in opportunities and careers that can be found in the manufacturing arena. The race is… Read More