Meet Your Sentinel Risk Performance Group

When Sentinel Risk Advisors started the journey of becoming Carolina’s premier, independently owned risk management firm more than 7 years ago, a big part of that mission was centered on providing unmatched service focused solely on our client’s needs.  In fact, our shared vision is quite clear:

 “To protect and improve each client – personally and professionally – by elevating strategic risk management services and innovative insurance solutions to unparalleled standards.”

Serving ALL of our clients is, without question, the greatest opportunity we are afforded each day. Being independently owned empowers each team member to think dynamically and do what is best each and every time.

The Sentinel Difference
We have committed to removing the transactional nature that tends to take shape in our industry by competitors who simply place insurance coverage. How do we do this? We invest in the best talent that the risk management and insurance field has to offer. Furthermore, we hold all our employees accountable for the decisions they make regarding our clients as it pertains to the risk management process every day of the program – not simply just on the renewal date.

The Sentinel Risk Advisors Risk Performance Group (RPG)
At Sentinel Risk Advisors, we are not bound by premium thresholds that limit services based solely on the size of your insurance premium. We know for a fact, that all businesses face complex challenges, big and small. We take great pride in our team-based approach to partner with clients and provide risk management solutions. The more our team removes hurdles and mitigates risk, the more productive and efficient your operations become.

The Sentinel Risk Advisors Risk Performance Group is a highly specialized team, tasked with providing service in three specific areas: Claims, Contractual Risk Transfer, and Loss Control. This team of professionals, with a combined experience of over 80 years, provides expertise and guidance for the complex risk management challenges your company will encounter. Every scenario can offer multiple paths to a risk-based solution and Sentinel has a team of experts in place to assist you when making those decisions.

Every loss is unique and requires a depth of knowledge and claims acumen that in many ways can only be found through hands-on experience. The cornerstone of the Risk Performance Group is our claims management service. This team is led by Bob Gagnon, CPCU, AIC Director of Claims, and Jayme Allen, CAWC Director of Workers Compensation Claims. The advantage of having these well-versed, claim experts on your team is the know-how they bring in managing the claims process from start to finish. This process includes various crossroads. With Bob and Jayme by your side, you will be kept informed and provided guidance as to the path for the best outcome for your operation.

Sentinel's Claims Team Is Widely Regarded in the Carolinas
Bob Gagnon

Bob has many achievements during his nearly 40 years of claims handling experience in the insurance industry and was previously named the Raleigh Claims Association Adjuster of the Year. His diligence, along with his outstanding track record of claim closure makes him a tremendous asset to all our clients. Bob brings a positive attitude as well as an ability to foster strong relationships with clients and carrier adjusters.


Jayme Allen

With respect to Workers’ Compensation Claims, Jayme brings a level of partnership and resolve resulting in immediate trust in the process. Jayme’s instincts, combined with her experience, propels the concierge approach to the claims handling process that she provides. Her strengths include long-standing relationships with our carrier partners, responsiveness, and knowledge around the specific and complex workers’ compensation laws that vary state-to-state.


Loss Control
We all know that losses hinder production and create disturbances to your operations that go far beyond the direct costs. Dana Vorholt, MS, ARM specializes in safety and loss control. He utilizes his prior experience working with both national and regional insurance companies to provide critical information to our clients as it relates to their risk profile.

Dana Vorholt

Sentinel’s Loss Control Division peels back the complicated layers of risk to reveal granular details that can reduce and mitigate a company’s exposures. We recognize that our clients are the experts in their respective fields, it is the business you do each day. Our unique advantage is that we get to work with a diverse base of organizations and subsequently can offer numerous risk-reducing strategies to your operations based on our overall field of knowledge. Our service offerings drive accountability through the creation of tailored service plans that we work directly with our clients to develop.

In the end, it is your needs that matter most to us. These living, breathing documents include a wide array of services that are intended to create best practices and help mitigate losses so that your company can operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

We Stand Guard
Sentinel Risk Advisors believes that it is our people that differentiate us from our competitors. Our mission, which in part highlights the high-touch service approach that is built and centered on your company-specific profile, gives you the confidence to allow us to Safeguard Your Success!  Whether closing out a claim, reviewing contracts, or creating an action-oriented loss control service plan that ties in accountability from all entities to achieve the results, Sentinel’s Risk Advisors and its Risk Performance Group will be there for you.

About the Author
Dana Vorholt earned his Master’s degree in Safety and Environmental Management from West Virginia University, and is an accredited Associate of Risk Management. As Director of Risk Management, Dana’s professional passion puts Sentinel clients on the path to workplace safety, compliance and optimal profitability. Vorholt is widely known and well respected in the loss control arena. He provides workplace and occupational safety guidance and training, assuring compliance standards are met for businesses with a diverse set of operational risk portfolios.

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