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Complex Risk

Companies with intricate risk challenges often feel limited with regard to their options for risk management and insurance services. That’s not the case for the many clients that Sentinel represents with complex risk scenarios.

For Sentinel, these clients are defined not by the challenge posed by their risk profile, but rather, have a special place in our firm due to the immense opportunities they present to our team and our stakeholders. These are the clients that help Sentinel raise the bar on our own brand of elite risk management strategies and services. They drive innovation in the insurance industry, and it’s Sentinel privilege to marshal value and benefit on their behalf.

So what do these companies look like? To start, no two are alike. They are wholly unique in their makeup, and most often, sophisticated in their structure.

  • Businesses with a high hazard or catastrophic profile
  • A unique or limited presence—only a small number of like-kind competitors
  • Those that utilize alternative strategies for risk financing
  • Are multi-state or international
  • Enterprises with revenue in excess of $250,000,000
  • Those with exposure to natural hazards
  • Companies with a dynamic or evolving risk profile
  • Businesses that create new and untested products or solutions