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Enterprise Account Group

Sentinel’s Enterprise Account Group elevates risk management strategies and services for high-performing small and medium-size enterprises. Our enterprise team develops custom insurance programs that work as hard, and as smart, as the businesses that fuel our economies and Main Streets.

Enterprise Account Group clients are a mix of next generation innovators and hometown heroes. They are the next big thing, and the shop around the corner. They are the heart and soul of our cities and communities, and for that, they deserve uncompromising service and the highest level of attention available in the industry today.

And yet, today’s small businesses are often short-changed. From a lack of strategy, to shallow service offerings, to impersonal service delivery—small businesses are getting less at a time when they need more in order to thrive. For Sentinel, these enterprising businesses are valuable not in spite of their size, but because of their strength. These are the businesses that don’t go away, that never give up, or give in. They are more than our clients; they are our partners.

At Sentinel, we know what drives a small business to succeed. We understand the risks and exposures that threaten their security, and we’ve developed unparalleled risk mitigation strategies to enable their prosperity. One-size does not fit all small businesses, and at Sentinel, the depth and breadth of our risk management portfolio is as diverse as the businesses we so proudly serve.

Sentinel difference is this: A strategic approach that delivers measurable results and dedicated service standards. To every enterprise business we serve, our promise is uncompromising care, our dedication is the utmost in personal attention and service, and our commitment is to honor your worth and value.

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