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Middle Market

In today’s economy, middle market enterprises often feel overlooked, without the advantages of the business perks and programs enjoyed by the very small,  and very large companies they are sandwiched between.

The value Sentinel brings to middle market clients is both simple and profound. Sentinel assumes the role of a strategic partner, putting our elite risk management expertise in play from within your organization. The benefit of that partnership is clear from the start—your firm gains the expertise, technical advice, and counsel of an elite-level risk manager, without having a dedicated risk professional on your payroll. Together, we are one team working toward common goals.

And Sentinel understands what drives the success of middle market clients—usually defined as those generating $5-500 million in revenue per year—better than any privately held risk management firm in the Carolinas. No two businesses are ever alike, but middle market firms do have some commonalities that Sentinel uses to leverage innovative insurance programs and products. Those commonalities include:

  • Normalized risk profile—generally fitting most carrier appetites
  • Structured management, processes and programs that utilize value-added services
  • Concentrated risks that create a “complex” risk profile
  • Generally employ 100–1,000 employees
  • Exposed to varying risk scenarios that require flexibility and creativity when providing advice and counsel