Innovative Insurance Solutions

Insurance is just one tool in the risk management toolkit; albeit an important one. At Sentinel, we don’t look to insurance to solve every risk that we encounter on behalf of our clients. But we do demand much of every insurance product we use to navigate, manage and mitigate risk.

Every risk has its own unique set of challenges. Sentinel works hard to understand the exposures associated with your life and business, and to apply an effective risk management program that meets and exceeds your appetite for risk.

Our team’s holistic and comprehensive approach finds the right insurance solution to meet today’s risks head-on, while ensuring the policy safeguards your interests in the long-term, as well.  We do that with the help of our partners — the more than 100 insurance carriers with whom we’ve fostered strong, strategic partnerships that enable us to offer premium, tailor made insurance products for our clients at the lowest possible price.

Keeping our clients in the driver’s seat of the policies placed in their name; that’s the Sentinel difference.