Legal Services

Services vary by tier and can include:

HR Consulting
Day-to-day questions regarding talent management spanning from recruiting and retention to termination.

Employment Law Advice
For the more complex or gray area decision making items regarding talent management.  These discussions will typically involve considerations surrounding HR best practices, legal requirements and risk mitigation considerations to allow you, as a business leader, to put your best foot forward.

Contractual Risk Transfer
A review of specific contract provisions and explanation of what is being asked.  A discussion of the potential effects on your business operations as well as options for risk mitigation and procedure implementation to aid in protecting your businesses bottom line.

Review of other Workplace Documents
Contracts play a major role in almost every aspect of business today. Through the Sentinel Risk Advisors Prepaid Legal Service plan, Executive Legal Services, can review and offer suggestions on several workplace documents assisting you in proactive decision-making.