Insurance Forecasting

The insurance market can change quickly, making it important to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and carrier appetites. Sentinel’s annual insurance forecast and mid-year updates detail the trends that are most likely to affect market rates across specific lines of coverage.

The forecast is a crucial planning tool that gives clients the intelligence they need to make critical business decisions.

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2021 Insurance Market Review and Forecast

Rate hardening. Capacity concerns. Businesses in turmoil. There are many indicators that show just how the property and casualty insurance industry has been affected in 2020 and what to expect in the months and years… Read More

2020 Insurance Market Review and Forecast

Change. Transformation. A touch of chaos. Sentinel’s 2020 Insurance Market Forecast reads like a good suspense thriller. And like all great books do, this one ends with the good guys (that’s you, commercial insurance consumer)… Read More

2019 Market Review and Forecast

Sentinel’s 2019 Insurance Market Review and Forecast reveals an industry grappling with an increasingly complex array of risks, uncertainty over integration of new technologies, a continual reshuffling of metaphorical chairs amid mergers and acquisitions, and… Read More

2018 Mid-Year Insurance Market Forecast

At the mid-year mark, the property and casualty market remains competitive, rates are fairly stable, underwriting profits are up and loss ratios are down. All good news, right? Well, yes and no. Read more

2018 Market Review and Forecast

Conventional wisdom would lead us to believe that the insurance industry’s “soft market” cycle is over, that rates are bound to rise, and that the market in 2018 will be more restrictive and less competitive.… Read More

2017 Mid-Year Market Forecast

At the midpoint of another soft market year for the insurance industry, rates are and will remain low across most major lines. Yet, a complicated truth is emerging. This highly competitive marketplace is in juxtaposition… Read More

Sentinel Releases Mid-Year Forecast

Sentinel released its mid-year forecast this week, detailing insurance trends that affect market rates across specific lines of coverage from July-December 2016. To read the full forecast, click here. An executive summary is below. Summary… Read More