Sentinel Risk Performance Group

The Sentinel Risk Performance Group delivers on the power and promise of superior risk management strategies and services to position our clients and partners for optimal success. Sentinel’s Risk Performance Group marshals the highest level of expertise in the risk management arena today.

This premier team of loss prevention and risk control experts safeguard lives and livelihoods.

The Sentinel Risk Performance Group works to measure and mitigate the immediate risks our clients face while putting best practices into place to protect their future interests, as well. And should a loss prove unavoidable, the team’s incomparable claims experience ensures the best possible outcome.

Risk Management Consulting

Sentinel is the only firm in the Carolinas with the depth of field to provide elite risk management professionals to work onsite on a consultative basis.

Risk Control and Workplace Safety

The insurance industry relies on loss control specialists to pinpoint deficiencies that could impact a business’ bottom line. At Sentinel, we take a broader, more holistic view. Our risk control and performance experts are in… Read More

Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful mergers strike a balance between risk and reward. Optimizing profitability is the job of due diligence. Sentinel is uniquely positioned to leverage the information and intelligence necessary to move even the most complex deals… Read More

Contractual Risk Transfer

Ensuring that your company has the best possible contracts in place is a powerful risk management tool. The Risk Performance Group’s work in the area of contractual risk transfer gives your company access to the… Read More

A Concierge Approach to Claims

Try as we may to avoid them, losses are bound to happen. For Sentinel, ensuring a smooth and successful claims experience gives us an opportunity to earn our client’s business all over again. Sentinel’s incomparable… Read More