Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management Consulting

For clients with more sophisticated risk management needs, Sentinel is the only firm in the Carolinas with the depth of field to provide elite risk management professionals to work onsite on a consultative basis.

Our team partners with you to develop and deliver an organizational risk management vision that aligns your tolerance for risk with the right mitigation strategies. With a comprehensive and objective view, we help you implement a broad array of proactive solutions across your risk portfolio to enhance decision making, reduce uncertainty and increase opportunity.

Your organization is bound to face risks.  Successful organizations are decisive about which risks to avoid, control, transfer or accept. Building risk management muscle will save you time and money, and ultimately, be a competitive advantage to your organization.

Sentinel’s particular areas of focus for our risk management consultative team include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
    Sentinel will articulate your risk management process to stakeholders and ensure that a proper framework is in place so that risks are assessed regularly, risk discussions happen at the appropriate time and level, and resources are deployed appropriately.
  • Insurance Program Review
    Our team’s regular, ongoing review of your company’s risk programs and insurance products will ensure that you have the optimal insurance coverage, levels, and pricing. We’ll also establish a risk management calendar on your behalf that fits the rhythm of your business—key  planning dates, fiscal year, seasonality, etc.
  • Contractual Discipline
    Our experts will define bright lines for the various types of contracts in your organization, such as what products or services represent higher risk, what language should be included, and what terms should be excluded. We’ll also provide explanations to assist in negotiations and establish escalation procedures and key information considering exceptions.
  • Vendor Management
    It’s crucial that your company understand the various categories of vendors used and the associated risks that they may bring to your organization. Our team is here to put key mitigation strategies into place, monitor for compliance and adjust as necessary.
  • Risk Management Administration
    Sentinel will keep track of key deliverables and claims activities, ensure policies are delivered accurately and on time and reflect changes as needed throughout the policy term, facilitate premium payments, track certificates issued and received, and understand changes to products/services offered.
  • Risk Management Reporting
    The Sentinel team will break down your organization’s Total Cost of Risk, which includes insurance premiums and expenses, retained losses, and loss control efforts. You will understand how your cost compares with your peers, and our team will provide evidence of ROI for risk management initiatives. Reporting tools, including dashboard reports, will communicate results and keep you exceptionally informed.