Sentinel’s Strategic Process

Harvard economist Michael Porter famously said, “Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. Strategy does not explain how you’re going to be better, strategy is deliberately choosing to be different.”

For Sentinel, strategy not only sets us apart, it provides the framework for our success. It starts in our very first meeting with you, in the way we approach every client as a partner. It’s evidenced in the way our team thinks intentionally before acting deliberately on your behalf.  Sentinel’s strategic process is experienced by the tone we take and the goals we set.

Our team takes the time to get to know you; where you came from, and where you’re going. We’re inquisitive and analytical, and out of that comes a thorough risk profile; a detailed picture of your appetite for risk—strengths, threats, opportunities and areas for growth.

We work with you to set forth a comprehensive risk management plan for your home, business, and personal portfolio; one that not only navigates and mitigates risk, but also affects positive, long-term change. Our team has the depth of field to be innovative and detail-driven in equal turns, owing to our unparalleled expertise.

Sentinel’s strategic approach extends to our partnerships with insurance carriers, as well, ensuring that any product we secure on your behalf is tailored to your distinct needs.  This ensures better coverage and more value at a lower cost.

Our international service capabilities are high performing, value driven and not limited to a proprietary solution. And our elite representation in nonstandard lines of coverage—excess, surplus and specialty lines—is second to none.