10 Steps to Protect Your Business from Cyberattack

Nearly half of U.S. businesses today have fallen victim to a cyberattack, with small and mid-sized firms most often the target. It’s hard to know exactly how to exactly how to protect your business from data breach and cybercrime when tech-savvy cybercriminals seem to stay a step ahead.

Sentinel’s cyber security experts urge you to take stock of your cyber inventory–the people, systems and processes that present an opportunity for a breach to occur. Take care, also, to manage the employee termination process carefully. Change system passwords promptly, cut off access to all company systems and servers. Above all, insist on the return of all company-owned devices.

The expert advice offered above is a good place to start in protecting your small to mid-size company from the loss of data and intellectual property. Sentinel’s cyber experts offer 10 additional steps to protect your business from cyberattack.

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