Wage Survey Now Open for Dental Professionals

Dentists across North Carolina will soon have free access to wage and other employment data specific to the dental industry, information that could prove crucial in attracting and retaining qualified employees in today’s tight job market.

The compensation data is the latest value-add for Sentinel’s dental clients as part of a unique partnership between the firm and Capital Associated Industries (CAI). Last month, Sentinel and CAI rolled out a human resource hotline that offers free, expert assistance with employee-related matters for dentists and dental practice groups.

The NC Wage and Salary Survey provides comprehensive pay practice and salary data for employers across North Carolina. The survey covers company wage structure, pay practices, pay increase projections, and detailed job and salary data for more than 500 job titles. This year’s survey includes, for the first time, data on key dentistry positions, including dental hygienists and dental assistants of varying expertise.

The survey is open through the month of May and can be accessed here. 

Dental practices that participate in the survey will receive a detailed report with comprehensive compensation data later this year at no charge. The report typically carries a $1,500 price tag.

“Compensation data could well make all the difference for dental practices struggling with employee recruitment and retention given how competitive the job market is right now,” said Natalie Fitzgerald, director of medical and dental services at Sentinel.

“Having access to the real-world data on key positions gives dentists and practice managers a good idea of where they need to be before they negotiate job offers, promotions, pay increases, etc. It’s just a really good tool to have and it could be the competitive advantage you need.”









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