PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

As we continue to distance ourselves from the difficult year of 2020 and look forward to the familiarities that we all knew prior to the pandemic, we continue acknowledge the tremendous amount of hard work, leadership, and creativity that all companies had to make during the pandemic and still are doing today. There have been many paths taken, new roads created, and countless stories of the heroes on the frontline for which we are all forever grateful.

Sentinel Risk Advisors has great partners at every corner of the map and the relationships we have in place with our clients, grow stronger through each obstacle we are met with and subsequent hurdles that we clear. As part of our commitment to highlighting the great work that is done in our communities, we take time to acknowledge and spotlight our client’s hard work and success.

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina serves a wide 34 county area in North Carolina and was recently selected by Feeding America, a national association of more than 200 food banks nationwide, as the “Member of the Year”.  This award is based on local community-building, contributions to the Feeding America network, and innovative solutions in ending hunger.

There has been an unprecedented demand for food bank services based on the increased needs of food insecurity in our communities during the pandemic and that trend does not expect to slow down. According to a study by Feeding America, the projected number of food-insecure neighbors in the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina service area (see map) is expected to grow by 38%, including 49% growth for children & teens. That means approximately 756,320 people (1 in 5 people) may face hunger in 2020, including 53,570 children (1 in 3 children).

To win this award during such a difficult time, shows the tireless commitment of the employees of Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, volunteers, and its partner agencies to serve those in need.  The challenges that the Food Bank has been met with were steep and took many people and resources coming together to execute on the noble cause they are dedicated to each day.  These challenges include the reduced number of volunteers due to COVID-19, which this organization and every non-profit so greatly appreciate and rely upon for continuity of operations; additional layers of safety and health protocols that had to be implemented only added to the difficult measures that had to be taken to service those in need; and spending $8,000,000 on food purchases, which is eight times greater than their annual food budget of years past.

In the calendar year 2020, the Food Bank distributed a record 100 million meals! This includes 191,146 family-sized food boxes. This Food Bank set a new organization record for monthly food distribution for five consecutive months: April, May, June, July, and August 2020.  To add further perspective, in September 2020, six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Bank had distributed twice as much food as they had in September 2019.  The tag line of “More Resilient Together” has served as the foundation of making it through these difficult times at Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

On behalf of Sentinel Risk Advisors, thank you for the tremendous impact you have made in our communities and congratulations on receiving the highest recognition of receiving this honor of being named Food Bank of The Year.

Four Ways You Can Help Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina:

    Financial donations allow the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to stay nimble and responsive in their operations as conditions change, and to reach new people.
    Want to mobilize your neighborhood, church group, or other circle of friends? Holding a Virtual Food Drive is a great way to help – while practicing social distancing. Visit their Virtual Food Drive platform to create your event today.
    Research the policies that impact hunger and speak out! Contact your state, local, and federal representatives to let them know policies like SNAP, TEFAP, and WIC need to be strengthened in order to break the cycle of hunger and help relieve families of the burden of hunger. Visit to learn more.
    The Food Bank greatly relies on their volunteers, especially in times of crisis. If you are a healthy adult and want to volunteer, you can self-schedule a shift.


Dana Vorholt earned his Master’s degree in Safety and Environmental Management from West Virginia University, and is an accredited Associate of Risk Management. As Director of Risk Engineering, Dana’s professional passion puts Sentinel clients on the path to workplace safety, compliance and optimal profitability. Vorholt is widely known and well respected in the loss control arena. He provides workplace and occupational safety guidance and training, assuring compliance standards are met for businesses with a diverse set of operational risk portfolios.

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