2022 Mid-Year Market Review and Forecast

To date, 2022 has been driven by labor shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, continued social movements, escalating fuel costs, rising interest rates, talk of an impending recession as well as the continuing impact of the pandemic.

Discussions with business leaders ultimately lead to questions of how these factors will impact their companies, their employees, and their future. We are all wondering how this environment will affect the current risk strategy, what adjustments may be needed as well as how the insurance market will respond to this ever-changing world.

To help shed light on these concerns, I am proud to share the Sentinel 2022 Mid-Year Market Review and Forecast. This comprehensive analysis offers key insight and guidance concerning the property and casualty and employee benefits insurance markets, allowing you to be well informed and prepared as we continue to navigate the challenging times that lie ahead.   

James L. Holmes, Jr., CPA
Managing Partner