Hurricane Recovery Checklist

In the aftermath of a hurricane, you and your business will likely have to deal with water damage, persistent flooding and damaged utilities. And, even if you aren’t directly impacted by a hurricane, any disruptions to your employees, third-party vendors or customers can still have a severe impact. While your priority should be to ensure the safety of your employees and other stakeholders, these recovery steps can keep your business safe after a hurricane passes:

☐  File a claim with your business interruption insurance provider.

☐  Contact your insurance provider(s) to start the claims process.
☐  Assess damage:

  • Make note of any structural damage to building(s).
  • Note any damage to equipment, machinery or company vehicles.
  • Note any lost or damaged inventory (both materials for business use and products for sale).
☐  As they come to your attention, compile a list of concerns that must be addressed before you are able to reopen.
☐  Contact employees, suppliers and customers to inform them of any disruptions in operation and an anticipated date when they can expect it to resume.
☐  If you have concerns that damage to a building could pose a safety hazard to employees or customers, have the building professionally inspected.
☐  Secure the building while repairs are being made or if relocation of business activity is necessary.
☐  Ensure utilities are restored and in safe working order before resuming business operations.
☐  Properly repair and clean your facility to ensure the environment is free of any safety hazards before resuming business operations.
☐   Compile the following information to share with your insurance adjuster:

  • Sales records and history
  • Profits and loss statements, or income tax forms
☐   Keep detailed records of all expenses incurred during the recovery process.

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