Keep Your Benefits Portfolio Competitive – Group Personal Excess Liability

Keep Your Benefits Portfolio Competitive

A tight job market means competition to attract and retain talent is increased. Offering benefits that address the needs of both employer and employee is a key strategic consideration for businesses. In an instant, all that one has worked for can be taken away by an incident arising from carelessness or misfortune. While no degree of planning can eliminate such threats, proper coverage can mitigate the impact of loss.

Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance

Personal Excess Liability Insurance is a critical but often overlooked component of personal risk management. It covers legal damages that stem from liability claims made against individuals for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury. Coverage is designed to apply should the costs of a lawsuit or damages exceed the liability limits of the individual’s primary policies for home, automobile, watercraft, and recreational vehicles.

Providing a group of employees, executives, partners, affluent clients, or even a large multi-generational family with access to a Group Personal Excess Liability Program is a valuable benefit. This benefit can help retain staff and/or clients and help prevent personal risk from becoming corporate risk or a significant uninsured or underinsured event from causing a family considerable financial hardship.

Benefits of a Group Personal Excess Liability Program

Participants of a Group Personal Excess Liability Program gain several advantages over individually purchased Personal Excess Liability Insurance:

  • Competitive Rates: Participants benefit from group rates and are often able to obtain lower premiums than when purchasing personal excess liability coverage on their own.
  • Higher Limits of Liability: Offers higher limits and broader categories of liability coverage than is generally available in the open individual insurance market.
  • Easy Enrollment: Participants can quickly enroll in the program and purchase their coverage online through their group’s unique and secure website.
  • Complimentary Consultation: Participants can elect to receive a complimentary review of their personal insurance by a Sentinel Private Client Services Personal Risk Consultant to make sure they have adequate underlying coverage limits in place.

Get Coverage Now

A Group Personal Excess Liability Program is a rare product that can be tailored to member and client-based organizations, providing value and benefits that are not available in the standard marketplace. To learn more about integrating Group Personal Excess Liability as a component within your risk management strategy, contact our Private Client Services team.

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