The High-Income Protection Plan: How Healthcare Professionals Can Overcome Debilitating Illnesses or Injuries


Healthcare Professionals Must Have Disability Insurance

As a Senior Benefits Consultant, I often encounter healthcare professionals who pay attention to life insurance needs but fail to consider the possibility of a debilitating incident. According to the American Medical Association, a professional has a greater statistical probability of suffering a severe disability that impedes their ability to work, rather than to die prematurely.

Being a healthcare professional is a rewarding yet demanding job. Healthcare professionals have invested years, if not decades, building their practices and setting a lifestyle on a specific set of medical procedures. However, it can all be taken away very quickly.

Disabilities Disrupt Your Ability To Practice

Disabilities can disrupt personal lives and place businesses, practices, partners, and employees at risk. A physician’s most valuable asset is their ability to practice. Their career and income depend on it. What happens to their income when an illness or injury prevents them from practicing at full capacity? In addition, they may have incurred an extraordinary amount of debt as part of their education, training, and practice development. How does this debt get resolved when their ability to practice is limited?

While some healthcare professionals have the financial resources to fund a disability on their own, most need disability income insurance to cover the risk. As an example, most physicians acquire disability insurance following graduation from medical school but often this level of coverage is simply inadequate to meet their current income levels and lifestyle needs.

Sentinel's High-Income Protection Plan

Sentinel Benefits Consulting, in partnership with MGIS and Sun Life, has created a new solution to help healthcare professionals overcome debilitating illnesses or injuries. The High-Income Protection Plan, featuring our Group Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) Supplement program, provides the right amount and right type of coverage suited for healthcare professionals. This program consists of various disability and life coverage offerings that cover 40-60% of income replacement.

The High-Income Protection Plan also includes our proprietary High-Limit program, providing an additional layer of protection. This program offers high-limit, simplified issue disability solutions designed to address the needs of physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. Consisting of individual policies backed by Lloyd’s of London, this plan fills the final gap for high-income earners—allowing for total income replacement at 70% of net earned income.

Healthcare professionals have specialized disability income protection needs. The High-Income Protection Plan is built with these unique needs in mind, providing care to those dedicated to the health of others.

To learn more about how the High-Income Protection Plan can allow for income replacement, as well as what it means to be disabled and how it provides adequate coverage for mental health and addictions, please contact Sentinel Senior Benefits Consultant Curtis Epp at

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