North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS Plan)

The North Carolina Medical Society Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS Plan), a high-quality, cost-effective health benefits solution for physicians and employees, is available exclusively through Sentinel. It is the only statewide health benefits plan designed for North Carolina physicians in need of customized health and dental programs.

The Sentinel Benefits Consulting team builds on our relationships with physicians to offer a broad and customizable range of benefits. Our benefit solutions, coverages, and services include: Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Life Insurance plans along with Short-Term, Long-Term, and Individual Disability plans.

Flexible Offerings

The offerings below are not standard in the Commercial Market:

A Customizable Well-Being Program

The NCMS Plan values its members and is dedicated to providing value-added benefits and programs.

Through Practice Wellness, our customizable Well-Being Program, our mission is to impact the health & well-being of NCMS Plan members by designing programs aimed at improving benefit education, utilization, cost mitigation, and well-being strategies.

As a value-added benefit through the NCMS Plan, groups will have access to our Health Promotion and Well-Being Manager. The Health Promotion and Well-Being Manager brings over 8 years of well-being program and engagement experience over a variety of industries and sectors with certifications and background in Health Education, Worksite Wellness, Health Coaching, and Wellness Program Management. We will collaborate with your group to identify areas of opportunity and support the establishment and/or maintenance of customized Well-Being strategies and programs.  

Areas of focus and support could include but are not limited to:

As an investment in our groups, NCMS Plan offers the Practice Wellness Grant Program. Your group could be eligible for up to $300 per enrolled employee (maximum of $50,000 per group) to help support new or existing Well-Being Strategies and Initiatives. Through collaboration with the Health Promotion and Well-Being Manager, Practice Wellness grants are intended to provide financial incentive and support for health promotion and well-being programming that will establish and drive measures to improve utilization, lower costs, increase engagement, and improve health outcomes for groups.